Monday, October 1, 2012

Gone Girl

I have read a lot of books since I started staying home again.  Some of them were good.  Some of them were terrible.  A few of them I couldn't even finish.  Gone Girl… THIS is the book I’ve been waiting for!  It is so cleverly written and keeps you guessing page after page.  Every time I thought I had it figured out… BAM!  I had to start all over. 

Nick and Amy had a seemingly perfect romance.  Two writers, living in New York with Amy’s trust fund to fall back on.  When they both lose their jobs and Amy’s parents are forced to borrow money, things begin to really go sour.  They move to Missouri to help care for Nick’s parents and things only get worse.  On the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy disappears.  There are signs of a struggle and Nick’s alibi is suspicious, at best.  His in-laws and even his own sister begin to wonder, is Nick a murderer?

Let’s break it down…

Nick Dunne
The saying “those who can’t do, teach” becomes Nick’s reality when he begins instructing a college course after losing his job as a writer.  Nick has made mistakes and told many lies over the last year, even lying to the police during the investigation; but is he really a murderer?

Amy Dunne
The star of her parents’ hit children’s book series, Amazing Amy, Amy Dunne is a very smart, likable nearly-middle-aged woman.  She seems to have it all:  brains, beauty, trust fund… and she’s oh-so-clever.

Rand & Marybeth Elliot
Parents of Amy and creators of Amazing Amy, Rand and Marybeth are used to having money and live accordingly.  When book sales became nonexistent, they were forced to borrow a large sum of money from Amy while they “decided what to do with the rest of their lives.”  They never imagined they would be spending their time searching for their only daughter. 

Margo “Go” Dunne
Nick and Go aren’t just twins.  They are the kind of twins that have that special connection.  They love each other, look out for each other, and trust each other, no matter what… until one of them is accused of murder.  Go just wants her brother’s name cleared, but he’s certainly not making it easy. 


Writing Style    8/10
Characters       8.5/10
Storyline           9/10

OVERALL   8.5/10

Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is a must read!  I couldn't put it down!  However, I do want to mention that it has a lot of language, mature themes, etc. and should be read by adults only.

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  1. Well now you have me intrigued. Guess I'll have to give this one a shot.