Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pretty Little Liars

First of all, let me say that you should not read these books just because you like the show!  I am a fan of the show (don’t judge me ;) and I enjoy the books; but they are VERY different. 

Pretty Little Liars tells the story of five best friends who share a horrible secret.  After one of the girls, Alison, goes missing and is later found dead, the remaining four begin receiving messages from “A.”  A knows their secrets and the girls can’t help but wonder, is Ali still alive?

Let’s break it down…

Artsy with a very unique style, Aria has returned to Rosewood after being in Iceland for her father’s job.  She often fantasizes about her English teacher and has been keeping a secret about her parents for far too long.

Spencer strives for two things:  to be perfect and to beat her older sister, Melissa… at everything.  She has a history of stealing boyfriends and just may know a little more about Ali’s death than the other girls.   

After being confused about her feelings for Ali for so long, it all becomes clear when Emily begins having the same feelings for the new girl at school.  Ashamed and afraid of what everyone will think, Emily’s worst fears come true when “A” decides to out her… to everyone at her swim meet.

Once shy and overweight, Hanna is now one of the most popular and beautiful girls in school.  Like the other girls, Hanna has plenty of secrets and she’d do just about anything to keep them from being exposed. 


Writing Style    5/10
Characters        6/10
Storyline           7/10

OVERALL   6/10

Pretty Little Liars will keep you guessing chapter after chapter.  Trying to solve the mystery of Ali and “A” makes this a fun read that will keep you turnin’ those pages!

*Pretty Little Liars should be read by adults and mature teenagers only.*

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