Monday, November 21, 2011

Beautiful Disaster

When I picked up this book, I didn’t expect it to be anything special.  When I turned the last page and flipped off my Kindle at 2 a.m., I realized how wrong I was! This book was definitely not what I expected!  The overused adage, “never judge a book by its cover” holds true once again.  (This cover completely threw me off!)   Jamie McGuire shares a tale of college fight nights, gambling, the Mob, tattoos, drinking, love, and a girl whose only wish is to not turn out like her parents.

Let’s break it down…


After moving to escape her past and attend Eastern University, Abby tries to be the good girl and turn her life around.  When she meets the campus bad boy, can she stay on the right track?  


Possessive, gorgeous, tattooed, and practically worshipped, Travis “Mad Dog” Maddox is the bad boy every girl dreams about.  Known for his underground fighting and one-night stands, everyone is surprised when Travis begins showing real interest in Abby.  


A rich fraternity boy, Parker is determined to win Abby over.  Only time will tell if Parker will give Abby the life she thought she wanted.  


As Abby’s best friend, America felt it was her duty to follow Abby and make sure she stayed true to who she wanted to be.  When the unexpected transpires, she tries to help Abby understand that sometimes, it’s better to follow you heart instead of your plan.


America’s boyfriend and Travis’ cousin, Shep is always stuck in the middle.  This time, Travis may inadvertently ruin his one true chance at love.


Writing Style    8/10
Characters        9/10
Storyline           8.5/10

OVERALL     8.5/10

I highly recommend this title to those who enjoy a young adult read!  This is a fabulously, albeit overly dramatic, written romance with surprises at every corner!

*This book is for mature readers*

*Kindle users:  Get it here*  

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